Gubahan dulang hantaran




Gubahan dulang hantaran #florist
MYR 50.00
Pricelist 2022

*PRICE for each dulang 👇🏻
(gubahan dulang + gubahan barang + rental the dulang)

Artificial Dulang
RM150 < 5 dulang
RM100 < 7 dulang RM50 > 7 dulang and above

Fresh Flower Dulang
RM300 < 3 dulang RM200 > 3 dulang
RM150 > 5 dulang

For sireh junjung price is different :-

Artificial Sireh Junjung
starting from RM150

Fresh Sireh Junjung
starting from RM250

Urgent Charge :
RM150 < 1 days RM100 > 1 days
RM50 < 3 days

No urgent charge for 2 weeks from the date of collect the dulang and sent out the barang2 hantaran for gubah.

Return the dulang back with the flower and all the decoration item at least 3 days from the date of collection.
Late return = charge RM10 per day.
Lost of any item = charge is impose.

Payment for confirmation of order :
Upon confirmation : 50% deposit
Upon collection of order : the balance.

Deposit are not refundable
or to be exchange with order products / services
regardless of any circumstances.

Thank You ❤️😉


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